Our Philosophy

Milly Molly Mandy’s, Brookton’s Early Education Service, views children as unique, curious, confident individuals, who explore and question the world around them, enabling them to grow and develop holistically.

The play-based educational program offered by Brookton’s Early Education Service aims to empower young minds through positive guidance, encouragement and active and meaningful experiences, which build on the child’s own interests and abilities.

The caring educators at Milly Molly Mandy’s provide an inviting and engaging environment, model positive and respectful relationships, and represent stability and security to families.

The service values and celebrates the role of families as the first teachers in their child’s life and encourages open and honest communication to ensure seamless transitions between settings. 

The service strives to work collaboratively with families and the Brookton and surrounding communities, to celebrate and advocate for Early Years Education and the positive impact that it has on each and every child, now and for the future.


  • "Imogen loves attending Milly's (Brookton Early Education Service) and often asks when she can go there next. She's picked up a lot of new skills and has really grown in confidence when interacting with other kids. I would highly recommend the service for children of all ages."

    Danielle Gault
    Parent of Imogen
  • We have used Milly Molly Mandy's for the last 4 years for our 2 sons. I remember the first day and my eldest ran through the door, so excited to be there and left me with tears in my eyes. From this moment we haven't looked back. Now with the eldest at full time school, our youngest still enjoys going to his 'school'. The staff at Milly's are always so approachable and fantastic with the kids. Thanks Milly's for being a place my children have always felt comfortable, we look forward to continuing our relations with you.

    Rheannon Turton
  • Philo has been attending Milly’s for 3 years. He really enjoys the activities they do there. It has improved his social skills on how to interact with other kids.

    Ramy Mousa
  • Katerina has been going to Milly’s since she was 4 months old. Without Milly’s I would not have been able to work. Being an only child, Milly’s has give Katerina the unique opportunity to socialize and learn with other children. The recent pre-kindy program gave her confidence in a lot of skills that other children would have yet to learn.

    Marion Haeusler
  • Connor loves going to Millys (or school as he calls it), he has been going 1 day a week for almost 2yrs,. He has learnt so much, and has grown in confidence since going. He loves coming home and telling me all about his day, and it gives me a day at home to do the farm book work or help out on the farm. My oldest son Kobi went to Millys 1 day a week for around 2 years, I think it was great preparation for the transition into school.

    Sheree Blechynden